A Smart Home,

Secure, control, and automate your home through your smartphone, tablet or voice commands, from anywhere.

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An Intelligent Living.

Stay Connected to Your Home, Family & Office

Enjoy the ultimate fun, entertainment, and the highest levels of security and have more control over your home's devices and lighting 

Watch a live stream of the place right from your smartphone and get notifications if there's a suspected movement inside or around it

Talk to your home and have it play your favorite music or read you the news or your email or change the lights or the AC temperature

Schedule all lights and devices to turn off at night automatically to save on energy & your electricity bills

Turn your current home devices into smart ones and have control over them through talking to it or through your phone or tablet


Lights & Energy

Control the lights colors and levels and change the room's temperature by talking or from your smart phone, whether you're home or outside

Control and automate your lights, whether your existing ones or any smart lights as well as any other device in the place

Set your lights to automatically turn on or off when your doors open or close or if there's any motion detected at all

Create custom profiles for different lights modes, like matching the light to your favorite football team colors

Save money on energy and electrical bills by turning off the lights and devices automatically on daily schedules



A Smarter, Preventive, More Affordable Way to Secure Your Home

The smart home security system helps preventing the damage before it actually happens through live alerts and notifications

Get instant audio and video alerts if there's someone around your house or any unexpected movement inside it

Check if you left the door open and lock it remotely from anywhere, or unlock it if you have friends coming over

Make your lights turn on and off every while to make it look like you’re home, or trigger a loud siren if there's any entry



From the functional to the fun, discover what's possible when you tap into your smart home's creative potential

Speak to your home and ask it to secure the locks or change the lights levels or turn on the AC or to do anything you want

Get answers for any question through voice recognition, same way like Siri or OK Google on your iPhone or Android phone

Play your favorite music on the impressive built-in sound system in our smart home system without a need for external speakers

Start heating or cooking your food on specific schedules or as you leave work or have your coffee ready every morning



Get live insights and information about your place to help you relax and not to worry about the security of the place

Get notifications when family members arrive and leave home

Check the temperature throughout your home and change it from another room or entirely outside

Get notified if there's a water leakage in your bathroom or a smoke detected across the house

Know if you remembered to close the front door, garage, or the windows​


No wires or drilling needed, all devices connect wirelessy using WiFi and radio signals


Get everything up and running in few minutes


All devices run on replaceable batteries of a 2 years lifetime


Create endless custom profiles to suite your needs whether on your Android phone or iPhone


Control everything from your phone or tablet, with a very friendly app


Our cloud servers integration ensures the ultimate security, 

efficiency, and privacy

Customize your own package to suit your budget and needs